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All of our units are privately owned and considered vacation homes. If fact, most of our studios and apartments are inside a hotels, which means that you will have access to all amenities of the building or hotel (like the pool, restaurants, bars and beach access) but not the services of the hotel (like daily maid service, room service or front desk services) since you will not be registering with the hotel management. Our rates are always cheaper compared with the hotel for this reason.

We only charge you for the final cleaning fee. Our rates are extremely competitive and do not include daily maid service so that you save money. If you prefer, we can arrange for you to have daily maid service for a fee and you will still be paying a lower rate than the hotel and saving money with us.
You can request as many daily cleanings as you want, as long as you request 24 hours in advance. The rate depends on which unit you are renting:
any studio will cost you $40/day and any apartment will cost you $80/day. Daily maid service includes changing linen, towels and toiletry, and cleaning the room/apartment.

You will get our units as you would any typical hotel room including fresh linen, towels, toiletries, and even an iron and hair dryer for your convenience. You only need to bring your personal belongings. It’s important to note that beach towels will not be provided, however most of the hotels will let you use their own beach towels. If not, a "Miami Beach" towel will be a great souvenir if you prefer to purchase one.

Here is the services included for each hotel:
- The Marenas will charge you $27 for valet parking per day/per car and $28 Resort fee and will give you beach and pool service including towels and chairs.
- The Shelborne will charge you $40 for valet parking per day/per car, and will give you chairs and towels at the pool and beach for free but will charge you $15 for umbrella at the beach.
- The Casablanca will charge you $30 for a registration fee, which includes FREE valet parking and use of the chairs at the pool area but no beach service.
- The Alexander will charge you $24 for valet parking per day/per car and you will be able to use the chairs and towels at the pool area but does NOT have beach service. A third party company service the beach with chairs and umbrellas for a fee.
- The Hollywood condos will charge $35 per week for Valet parking and $45 per day beach services but you can use the pool chairs for free
-The Alden Hotel nor Ocean Spray Hotel have any service or valet parking available.

For all of our rooms, check-in is at 3pm and checkout at 11am (mandatory). Early check-in or late checkout are only available 1 or 2 days prior your check-in/out, and only if there is no other client scheduled for that same day. Early check-in or late checkout will cost $40 each and can be paid by credit card 2 days prior to your reservation. If you prefer to have the room/apartment available for your flight schedule, and it is extremely important to have the unit available for your arrival/departure, we recommend that you
pay for an extra night.

Ten days prior to your check-in you will receive an email with check-in instructions containing details for your arrival that are specific to your unit. Most of our doors have electronic locks, and the door codes are randomly selected 10 days before your check-in. All door codes are reset remotely at 3pm after your room/apartment has been cleaned. For those units that have an actual key, our staff will hand you the physical key after the prior tenant has checked out at 3 pm. The email with check-in instructions will also contain the phone number for your check-in coordinator who can handle any issues during your stay in our units.

Unfortunately No, we do not accept payment upon arrival. We require that all reservations be paid in full 30 days in advance of your check-in. A primary reason that we are able to provide lower rates than the hotel is because we are able to save money by not hiring assistant coordinators just to receive our clients and charge them at arrival. Hiring more people will increase our rates and will cost you more.

The reason is simple: we do not have the front desk to charge you at arrival and we are a management company relying on our online clients. We want to have real clients, with real reservations, and can't afford to have clients that aren’t serious about their reservations.

You can cancel 30 days prior to check-in in order to receive a full refund. We cannot accept cancellations for reservations less than 30 days away and you will not receive a refund. However, we do offer those clients who cancel less than 30 days prior to their reservation the opportunity to receive a refund of any money we are able to recover if we receive another reservation for the same room and the same days as the reservation being canceled. We do not want to keep your money but this policy prevents clients from reserving rooms for extended amounts of time, only to cancel a short time prior to their reservation. If you need to cancel, for any reason, just contact us as soon as possible and we will put the unit back on the market and we will try our best to get it rented again.

This will depend on the hotel you are staying at, as some hotels will accept your packages at no cost, others will charge per package, and some won't accept packages at all. Here is the list of the charges by hotel:
-The Marenas will charge you $5 per package and it will be held at the front desk.
-The Shelborne will receive first 3 packages for free, and charge you $10 per additional package.
-The Casablanca will charge you $10 per package and it will be held at the front desk.
-The Alexander hotel will charge you $10 per package/per day after the second day in storage, with max 3 packages per reservation (currently not charging for this service).
-The Four Seasons will charge $3 per package and it will be held at the front desk
-The Hollywood condos will charge you $5 per package and can only be received during the dates of the reservation.
-The Alden and Ocean Spray will NOT accept your package.

The client is fully responsible for sending and receiving his/her packages. We will not be responsible for damages, lost or delayed deliveries. We do not pick up packages or re-send them to third parties, the client must deal directly with the hotel in case his
package arrives after his departure.

Parking is expensive in Miami Beach, here is how much will cost you:
-The Shelborne will cost you $40 per day valet parking, payable to the hotel directly.
-The Marenas will cost you $27 per day valet parking payable to the hotel (also $28 per day resort fee).
-The Alexander will cost you $24 per day valet parking payable to the hotel.
-The Casablanca and Decoplage has free valet parking (just give them a tip).
-The Alden cost $20 per day valet parking with the next door hotel, payable at arrival.
-The Hollywood condos will cost you $35 per week valet parking.
-The Ocean Spray has no parking, only street parking and is very complicated.

Some hotels will hold your luggage for you while you wait for your check-in but some won't because they don’t have anywhere they can keep it or they are not hotels. Here is the list:
Will hold your luggage: The Shelborne, The Alexander, The Marenas, The Casablanca and Ocean Spray.
Won’t be able to hold your luggage: The Alden and the Hollywood condos.

Unfortunately, we do not have a transfer service. We recommend Uber since it is the cheapest way around and permitted in our airports.

Included in the check-in instructions sent to you 10 days before check-in will be the name and number of your check-in coordinator. Please contact him/her the same day of arrival to coordinate your check-in. Text or Whatsapp is the best way form of communication, since most of the time we are on the road with bad reception or cannot answer several calls at the same time.

We are not responsible for changes made by any hotel without prior notification. If you find something different at your arrival, please notify us immediately so we can update this page

​Thank you for choosing and we hope that you enjoy your stay!!

The Management